The Tetris Challenge comes to Hungary

Even these dogs got in on the action.

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Nemzeti Adó- és Vámhivatal

The Tetris Challenge has now come to Hungary after Hungarian officers shared their contribution on social media.

Not wanting to be outdone by other emergency and police services in the country or elsewhere in the world, officers of the Hungarian tax and customs office posted an image on Sunday of their vehicles, equipment, themselves, and even their canine colleagues.

The so-called Tetris Challenge got started with Zurich canton police officers in Switzerland after they posted an image on Facebook featuring two officers on their backs surrounded by helmets, Kevlar vests, handcuffs and traffic cones. The photo, taken from a drone, ended up looking a lot like the popular puzzle video game.

Now, many emergency services in Europe, including Austria, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands and the UK, are taking part in the meme. While Zurich police were the first ones that made the trend go viral, the first such image was supposedly done by New Zealand police officers in 2018.

Title image: Officers of the Hungarian tax and customs office NAV with their dogs, a patrol vehicle and an SUV. (Source: NAV Facebook page)


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