Hungary and Poland lead “European awakening,” Polish legal scholar says

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For years, conservative NGOs and institutes have been working on establishing a counter-balance to the well-organized Soros network, and Central Europe is at the forefront of this movement, Tymotheusz Zych, vice-president of the Polish Ordo Iuris Institute for Legal Culture, told news and opinion portal Mandiner in an interview.

This is an entirely new project, not at all like the Open Society. The civilians, the organizations working on the concept of a conservative Europe, based on values and heritage, do not have an international network, and this will soon change as a result of our cooperation. George Soros’s foreign-funded organizations have dominated the political and social field for too long,” Zych said. “A constructive opposition is emerging. Today, most NGOs and NGO networks do not represent our entire society, they are just building an extreme narrative; this needs to end.”

According to its mission statement, Ordo Iuris is an independent legal organization that gathers together academics and legal practitioners with the aim of promoting a legal culture based on respect for human dignity and rights.

Asked whether this new network also extends to Western Europe, Zych said that many politicians there — dissatisfied with the direction in which conservative parties are heading — are open to cooperation.

“We have found many allies in both Western and Central Europe, the names of which will be made public in the coming weeks. In general, there are many conservative values in the West, there is a lot of organization and consolidation, but so far there has been no example of cooperation between them at the European level; this level must be reached, we cannot leave each other to our own devices,” Zych said. “The European People’s Party, for example, is currently a network of politicians rather than values. However, the time has come to build a parallel political network that unites the strengths of a conservative Europe and is based on values.”

“The awakening has begun, everyone wants to cooperate, to build together — and the most important thing is the academic and scientific background of this construction.”

Asked how such a network will work in practice, Zych said that academia must be the starting point.

“What we need is scientific cooperation, an intellectual background. We are still working to create a new platform in academia, a medium that focuses largely on the intermarium (the region between the seas surrounding Europe), but also opens up new international frontiers in hitherto heavily censored academic life,” Zych said. “Nowadays, freedom of speech is restricted, there is no room for debate, the academic world is silenced if they deviate from the mainstream currents; it is enough to think of the work of Sir Roger Scruton.”

“We need to create a space for debate that will help the development of our civilization, and the main leaders of this initiative will be Poland and Hungary.”

Title image: Tymotheusz Zych, vice-president of the Polish Ordo Iuris Institute for Legal Culture. (Magyar Hírlap/Tamás Purger)


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