‘Macron is an illusion,’ says French MEP Nicolas Bay

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Dénes Albert

French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent consultation about citizens’ trust in national police is but a smokescreen, and is being put up at a time when the real issues are mass immigration and suburbs controlled by gangs, drug runners and Islamists, French MEP for the National Front Nicolas Bay told daily Magyar Hírlap in an interview.

“President Emmanuel Macron and his ministers are once again showing cowardice. They give way to small groups that criticize our national police in favor of criminals, even though they do everything they can in difficult circumstances,” Bay told Magyar Hírlap.There may have been individual cases that need to be condemned — and systematically punished — but the accusation of police violence can mostly be traced back to mobs who refuse to identify themselves to police at all costs. The government should rather fight anti-police propaganda stemming from the radical left and the suburbs, which are mostly in the hands of the gangs, drug dealers and Islamists.”

Bay said that similar to the consultation held on climate change, the current one is also designed to divert attention from the real issues.

“This consultation is just another communication operation on the part of Macron, similar to the climate. In principle, he addressed many citizens, but in fact a significant proportion of those selected were left-wing activists,” Bay said. “One hundred and fifty citizens were tasked with developing environmental recommendations, which he would then enact. Yet, what kind of governance method is this? Did the French choose Macron to make laws for others instead? In fact, Emmanuel Macron is nothing more than an illusion: a government, a democracy, an illusion of results. Why not promote a referendum on immigration and identity, which has been the biggest concern of the French for decades?”

Bay said that the four of Macron’s reign have mainly served to demonstrate his limitations.

“He was able to win four years ago because he presented himself as a candidate for renewal and was helped by the media. He pretended to change the rules of the game, when in fact he was the last figure in the old political world to continue to represent the synthesis of social safety net downsizing and social liberalism. This was also reflected in his appointments and policies,” Bay said, pointing out that recent polls show National Front leader Marine Le Pen and Macron head-to-head, giving Le Pen’s party a real chance at running for government at the next presidential elections in 2022.

“Indeed, several surveys show that Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron will be head to head. In addition, one study showed a difference within the margin of error. There are almost a year and a half left until the next presidential election,” Bay said. “We will do everything we can to show the French that the alternative presented by the National Concentration and its president is not only possible but also necessary to save France, to protect the French people and their fundamental rights.”

Title image: Front National MEP Nicolas Bay. (source: European Parliament)


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