PiS spokesman on Donald Tusk’s Gdańsk speech: “Stand-up comedy”

European Council President Donald Tusk attends a rally during celebrations marking the 30th anniversary of the first free democratic parliamentary election in Poland in Gdansk, Poland, Tuesday, June 4, 2019. Poland marked Tuesday the 30th anniversary of partly-free elections that contributed to the fall of communism with the country still divided over its legacy. (AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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During his most recent rally in Gdańsk, Civic Platform leader Donald Tusk focused on challenging Law and Justice (PiS) and called for Jarosław Kaczyński to face him in a debate.

“Mr. Kaczyński, leave your cave and face me on the field of battle to exchange arguments. Leave people alone and let them speak normally with each other. If you want a confrontation, if you want a serious clash of arguments – if you want a serious discussion about Poland – then I am at your disposal. Leave your cave, don’t be afraid and don’t be ashamed,” Tusk had declared.

Law and Justice spokesman Radosław Fogiel responded in Polish Radio to questions on whether he will encourage Kaczyński to debate Tusk. He emphasized that an exchange of arguments is only possible with someone who abides by the basic rules of debate.

PiS spokesman Radosław Fogiel says he is disappointed by Donald Tusk’s performance during a political meeting in Gdańsk.
Source: Wikipedia.

“Are we to consider debate with someone who assured Poles and journalists that he was not going to go abroad to Brussels and that he is greatly honored to be the Polish prime minister, only to pack up and get on a plane to Brussels a few months later?” Fogiel asked rhetorically.

He emphasized that Donald Tusk should first debate with Poles about the level of unemployment during his terms as PM. Tusk should also speak about how he had used all his actions in Poland and abroad in order to obtain a lucrative position in Brussels.

The spokesman explained that one of the reasons for Tusk to encourage this debate is an attempt to restore the political situation from the 2011-2015 period.

“There is probably some pain and disappointment that Tusk’s return had not caused the level of emotions and joy as he had expected. This is an attempt to build his own importance, to appear to be the most important politician in the country,” Fogiel stated.

He also mocked Tusk, saying that he was convinced that Donald Tusk would attempt some kind of serious political rally and speech but instead, there was only a “stand-up comedy”.

The spokesman noted that in 2015, the Civic Platform’s leader had argued that financing PiS’s social programs was unrealistic. He also recalled the high level of unemployment during Tusk’s terms as PM and the incredibly low minimum wage.

“Truly, when Donald Tusk claims that the government does not know how to fulfil the needs of Poles, he should be speaking only to the mirror,” Fogiel said.

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