Poland has largest gas storage reserves in Europe

LNG gas storage facilities in the Polish terminal in Świnoujście (Source: gaz-system.pl)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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At 95 percent, Poland’s gas reserves are more than double that of the European Union average of 46 percent, according to data compiled as a result of the REMIT ordinance on the transparency and integrity of the wholesale energy market.

All EU states reporting — plus Serbia, Ukraine and the U.K. — show stocks in storage rising by some 0.5 billion cubic meters daily, which is half the capacity of daily intake possible in the European Union.

In storage across the EU, there is 12 percent of the annual EU consumption of gas for 2020. This indicator is highest in Latvia where the reserves equal 70 percent of 2020 consumption, whereas in Poland this figure is 14 percent and 11.5 percent in Germany. 

The 60-percent storage threshold is met by Spain, Portugal and Czechia, in which actual reserves account for nearly a quarter of annual gas consumption.

Meanwhile, France has reserves of over 50 percent, the equivalent of 14 percent of its domestic annual consumption.

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