Poland sends 20-truck ‘Convoy of Solidarity’ with medical aid to Ukraine

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Poland is stepping in to aid Ukraine in its time of need during the coronavirus pandemic with a truck convoy of medical aid and equipment, said Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Paweł Jabłoński. The minister said that Poland is expanding its humanitarian aid to several countries such as Ukraine and Belarus, which also includes lending medical teams to Eastern European countries in need.

“Polish aid is present everywhere throughout the world. Poland is a country of solidarity, and solidarity has been our national attribute as long as we have existed. This is what Poland is known for. It is our heritage. Thanks to solidarity, we won our freedom, and today we are also helping our partners and friends,” he said.

Jabłoński stated that the goals of Polish foreign policy are also being fulfilled through this aid.

“We are strengthening our international position and improving relations with the countries which are the beneficiaries of our aid. Such gestures are remembered for years, and we will be able to develop our relations and friendships with countries like Ukraine and others which we have helped,” the minister explained.

“Poland is sending 20 trucks to Ukraine in cooperation with the Polish postal service. Medical equipment, personal safety equipment, and disinfectants can be found in the convoy,” the Polish President Chancellery’s official Twitter account wrote.

Deputy Head of the President’s Chancellery Piotr Ćwik said that President Andrzej Duda will officially hand over the medical equipment on Aug. 24 during his state visit to Ukraine.

Head of Government Strategic Reserves Agency Michał Kuczmierowski emphasized the importance of an efficiently operating state and institutions during times of crisis which are able to secure the interests of their country and citizens, as well as to support other countries.

“Today, one of the largest convoys with medical aid has departed. It is comprised of 20 trucks which will transport several thousand liters of disinfectants, several million masks, gloves and aprons – all needed to fight the coronavirus,” he wrote.

Additionally, the government has also dispatched 650,000 coronavirus vaccines to Ukraine. Kuczmierowski pointed out that this also is an element which can be secured as part of the Eastern Partnership to support Ukraine in fighting the pandemic.

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