Polish ambassador to Ukraine: Nord Stream 2 effects force us to politically consolidate

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Poland’s ambassador to Ukraine Bartosz Cichocki touched on Nord Stream 2 and its effects on the Central-Eastern European region during the Ukrainian Central European Forum conference.

Cichocki emphasized that the political and security situation in the region was deteriorating, listing the meeting between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin in Geneva, the American-German declaration on Nord Stream 2, the completion of the pipeline’s construction, and the current situations in Belarus and Afghanistan.

“From our point of view, this poor dynamic should bring us together. The region should strengthen itself and unite. All the region’s states are victims of this poor dynamic in one way or the other. We should find answers to these challenges and threats together,” said ambassador Bartosz Cichocki.

Bartosz Cichocki, Polish ambassador to Ukraine:

We can think of forming a C8 – diplomatic format in Kiev: the ambassadors of the Baltic States, the V4, and Romania.

The ambassador noted that Poland and Ukraine await concrete guarantees concerning the transit of gas through Ukraine. He emphasized that Nord Stream 2 not only creates a deficit in the area of security which should be compensated but also forces Poland and Ukraine to politically consolidate.

Cichocki proposed the creation of a new diplomatic format: “We have the G7 format. The members of this group do much for the reforms in Ukraine, but we can also consider a C8 diplomatic format in Kiev: the ambassadors of the Baltic States, the V4 and Romania,” he said.

The Polish ambassador added that he would encourage leading Ukrainian politicians to not only meet with G7 ambassadors but also those from the format he suggested.

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