Polish PM Morawiecki calls for more financing for EU farmers in letter to European leaders

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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki proposed raising the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) budget by 10 percent more than 2018’s figures in a letter he wrote to the European Commission, European Council, and the heads of government for 26 EU member states.

The new figure proposed by Morawiecki would make up 0.03 percent of the EU budget.

He added that the increase would concern all nations evenly and each state would receive the 10 percent under certain conditions.

The prime minister underlined that the additional funds would be entirely devoted to financing environmental and climate projects in the first and second pillars.

“This will ensure an equal strengthening of CAP for all European farmers. It will strengthen CAP’s input into the European Green Deal and will accelerate external convergence in a manner without conflict,” he stated.