Polish PM Morawiecki: The Polish Deal is a victory for Poles

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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At a rally in Stary Sącz, Southern Poland, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki emphasized that the country is on the rise and has come incredibly far in the last few years.

“We showed what it means to fix institutions and public finances: without this there would be no money for conserving heritage sites, no money for social benefits or our environmental programs,” he explained, adding that Poland does not fear overcoming difficult problems.

He referred to his meetings with local government leaders who underscored that government funds immensely helped in providing clean air for citizens.

On the subject of improving the quality of air in the country, Morawiecki pointed to the engagement of large sums of public money which were retaken from VAT tax mafias. These funds also support Polish tourism and other policies.

The PM also spoke of political opponents who are complaining about Poland to Brussels, branding them as “frauds”.

“When I see all these people who love their great homeland, Poland, and who also have love for our smaller homeland, I am certain that all these denunciations will change nothing because we are a nation of victors,” Morawiecki declared.

He stressed that while history has treated Poland harshly, the country is returning to the days of victories and triumphs that Polish ancestors experienced.

“We are being urged towards this by our will to fight, our nose for victory. If someone doubts this, then we should remember that from this land come many companies which are taking Europe by storm,” he said.

“We are winning. The Polish Deal is a victory for Poles. We will govern ourselves the way we want to,” Mateusz Morawiecki stated.

Title image of M. Morawiecki at the rally in Stary Sącz. (source: pis.org.pl)

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