Poll: Czechs prepared to defend their country, but reject return of mandatory military service

64 percent of Czech men are ready to help the army

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Adéla Ježková

About half of the Czech Republic’s population would be willing to defend their country, however, most people do not want a return of universal military service, a recent STEM / MARK survey for the Defense Ministry showed.
According to two-thirds of the respondents, civilians should be involved in the defense of the state in the event of a military attack. Only six percent of respondents categorically reject such a statement.
Approximately half of the population of the Czech Republic claims that they would be willing to actively participate in the defense of the country in case the country came under attack. Specifically, 64 percent of men and 38 percent of women stated that they would be willing to help the military.
However, most respondents think that school is not the only place where citizens should be learning how to defend the state. According to seven out of 10 Czechs, the state should provide systematic training outside of standard education in schools on this topic. Respondents named vocational training, compulsory or voluntary practical training, military education at school, and information campaigns on the Internet and TV as effective options.
A total of 11 percent of respondents also supported the return of universal military service in various forms, however, opinions on this matter differed based on how long Czechs would be required to serve.
Title image: Military training (Armáda ČR / Twitter)


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