President Duda: “We will not be told in foreign languages how to conduct Polish affairs”

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In response to European Union ongoing attempts to interfere with the judicial reforms being conducted by Poland’s Law and Justice party (PiS), President Andrzej Duda said, “We will not be told in foreign languages how to conduct Polish affairs.”

In a a speech in Zwoleń in central Poland, Duda emphasized there have been problems with the Polish judiciary for several years and Polish citizens have a terrible opinion of how it has functioned up until now.

In response, he said that the government had led an attempt to correct the issue.

“There’s a group of people who believe they are untouchable and are most afraid of the Disciplinary Chamber in the Supreme Court. This group does not want to permit the changes in the judiciary,” the president spoke of the protesting judges.

He pointed out that in the last couple of decades that judges in Poland had received many privileges, some of which came from the communist era.

He explained that over 80 percent of Poles negatively evaluate Poland’s judiciary.

“Judges should take a good look at themselves and the structure which they are making,” Duda said.

The president referred to the Venice Commission’s recommendations, stating that “we Poles have a right to decide about ourselves and our laws on our own.”

“We will not be told in foreign languages what kind of system we are meant to have in Poland and how to conduct Polish affairs!” Duda told the crowd gathered in Zwoleń.

The president believed that the EU is trying anything it can to strip Poland of her right to correct and possess a proper judicial system, including recent actions against Poland’s Disciplinary Chamber for judges.

“This is the European Union, yes! And we are glad. But above all else, this is Poland!” He declared.

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