Presidential campaign: opposition is fearmongering with Polexit

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Poland should prepare for opposition tactics that focus on hysterical predictions and dark visions of what will happen to Poland if incumbent President Andrzej Duda wins re-election in what is likely to be the most dishonest election campaign in years.

Election races have always governed themselves with their own laws and for the most part, the old adage that everyone lies, is mostly true. In the end, almost no candidate gives voters everything they were promised. It always seems to end the same way, and after a while, the feeling of being tricked begins to take over.

In what seems to be a break with that tradition, Law and Justice (PiS) has for the most part been fulfilling its election promises (although not all of them and not perfectly).

Voters have accordingly rewarded PiS and look set to support the party going into the future. With that in mind, what is the opposition left to do but resort to scare tactics if its ideas for Poland are being consistently rejected by voters?

Liberal TV station TVN believes that the “axis of the campaign should be Polexit”. In the end, they all agreed that it “should somehow be created.”

They’re not even pretending anymore! Polexit is the campaign axis they will be “creating” and it needs to be created because it simply does not exist in reality.

But in TVN, they are a century behind the leftist TOK FM radio, where they’ve realized that the Polexit narrative will not get through to voters. They ask instead in their program what opposition claim voters might actually buy into.