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New Polish justice minister accused of violating constitution and the rule of law

Measures being proposed by Poland’s new justice minister, Adam Bodnar, are aimed…

Grzegorz Adamczyk Grzegorz Adamczyk

The long conflict over Poland’s judicial reform risks the United Right’s credibility

NGOs have been accused of working alongside people smugglers and in some…

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Poland’s new Supreme Court chief justice could spell trouble for communist-era justices

In 1848, Hungary also requested budget money to battle a cholera pandemic…

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Poland offers to implement German system for choosing judges in deal with EU

The Czech Republic plans to impose a 7-percent digital tax.

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President Duda: “We will not be told in foreign languages how to conduct Polish affairs”

The Polish opposition's desperation guarantees a nasty presidential election

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Protesting Polish judges are breaking judicial independence rule

Sir Roger Scruton passed away on Jan. 12 at the age of…

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Judicial reforms in Poland will not lead to “Polexit”: opinion

Only 21 percent of Czechs would vote to leave the EU.

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Morawiecki gained ground following backtrack on judicial reform

Unlike Greece, which has become the colony of its lenders, Hungary was…

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PiS backtracks on judicial reforms

Poland’s first capsule hotel has arrived in Warsaw’s city center. The trend…

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