Report: More than 32.4 million Catholics live in Poland

Catholicism remains by far the most dominant religion in Poland, according to the Concise Statistical Yearbook of Poland

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: Polonia Christiana

The Concise Statistical Yearbook of Poland contains data which characterizes the standard of living and the state of the Polish economy. It also includes data sets from comparisons with foreign countries. The latest yearbook was published on July 16, 2021 and contains data in accordance with the end of 2020.

At the end of 2020, there were 38.265 million people living in Poland. This data concerns permanent inhabitants and does not concern temporary migrants. It also includes permanent Polish residence who are temporarily abroad, no matter the period during which they are outside of the country.

According to the yearbook, 32,440,722 people belong to the Roman Catholic Church in 10,256 parishes. There are 30,489 clergy in Poland, including 65 priests from the Military Ordinate of Poland. The yearbook considers all “baptized” persons to be among the Church’s faithful and included such information in its footnotes.

The publication also presents the newest data concerning other churches and religious groups.

The Greek Catholic Church possesses 55 thousand faithful in 126 parishes and 85 priests. The Armenian Catholic Church has 670 faithful and 3 parishes. The Neo-Unite Church has 121 faithful gathered in one parish with one clergyman.

The Polish Orthodox Church numbers 503,996 faithful and has 486 priests and 249 parishes. The Lutheran Church numbers 60,900 faithful in 133 parishes and has 196 priests.

The Methodist Church has 4443 faithful, 28 priests and 46 priests while the Calvinist Church has 3200 faithful, 9 priests and 8 parishes.

Among other religious communities, the yearbook also listed the Mariavite Church (22,691 faithful, 277 priests and 36 parishes) and the Polish-Catholic Church (18,116 faithful, 79 priests and 72 priests).

The Pentecostal Church has 24,840 faithful in Poland, 391 priests and 264 congregations. The Baptist Church possesses 5470 faithful, 93 priests and 107 church units.

The yearbook noted also that there are 114,899 Jehovah’s Witnesses in Poland, 510 members of the Muslim Religious Association in Poland, 1657 Mormons and 2146 Buddhists. 1756 people belong to the Union of Jewish Religious Communities, and there are 15 rabbis.

The publication also noted the presence of many other much smaller religious groups in Poland, such as Shia Muslims, worshippers of Krishna, and the Free Bible Students.

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