She received 50,000 death threats from Islamists, but one Chechen suspect has already been released

In this June 3, 2021 file photo, the teenager identifying herself online as Mila leaves at the courtroom with her lawyer Richard Malka, in Paris. (AP Photo/Francois Mori, File)
By Karolina Klaskova
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A 17-year-old Chechen with a disturbing past was arrested last August for having published death threats against Mila, a French teen who has already received tens of thousands death threats and lives under constant police protection.

Indicted in September for endorsing terrorism and provocation to terrorist acts, the Chechen teen was released and placed under judicial control. Mila’s family has since been gravely concerned, reported BFMTV news outlet.

Since Jan. 18, 2020, the young woman has been the target of more than 50,000 death threats for criticizing Islam on Instagram and claiming her right to blasphemy.

Within the influx of stalkers, some profiles arouse concerns. That is the case of Saïd A., a 17-year-old Chechen, arrested by the judicial police at the family house in the town Langres on Aug. 31.

‘She dares to insult Allah and becomes famous for it

Spotted by the French security agency DGSI in June 2021, the young suspect is a refugee who arrived in France with his family in 2013. He had posted messages on the RocketChat social network calling on his “mujahideen brothers” to attack Mila.

“It is time to deal with this woman Mila who insults Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, in the worst way, she dares to insult him and becomes famous for it. (…) Where are you, Mujahideen? She insults your master and walks serenely on Earth? You have a problem to solve there, rush like your brother Abdullah Ash Shishani (a Chechen jihadist who died in Syria), may Allah accept martyrdom from him. Make a smart plan,” the perpetrator wrote.

This student began constructing a plan. In another message detected by the security agents, he explained that he wanted to hack Mila’s accounts on social networks to monitor her location or even approach those around her to find out where she was.

Trouble for investigators

After discovering these messages, the Reims judicial police then began to monitor his Twitter account in July 2021. The officers found that Saïd A. not only was disseminating propaganda for ISIS but also that he was in contact with ten people based in the Iraqi-Syrian zone.

How advanced was his plot? Had he specifically solicited accomplices? It is difficult to say. After he was detained on Aug. 31, the young man refused to give the password for his phone. The experts are unable to unlock the phone without potentially erasing the data.

At the end of his detention, the young man was released under judicial control, with the obligation to report to the gendarmes three times a week and a ban on leaving the district.

“This profile is a cut above”

Mila’s family, which has since been plagued by worry, does not understand why the teen was released.

“Has justice taken the measure of this case?” asks the mother of the young woman.

“This young man called for action with precise and well-written words. We are dealing with someone who is not stupid. Many terrorist actions began like this,” the mother continued.

“Compared to all those who have threatened Mila, this profile is clearly a cut above,” adds her lawyer, Richard Malka.

Since the indictment of the suspect seven months ago, Mila has not been informed about the progress of the case, and the young suspect remains free. Contacted by BFMTV, his lawyer did not respond to our requests.

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