Spanish law allowing teens to change gender is an attack on children, says Polish deputy education minister

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The left-wing Spanish government has recently passed a bill allowing for people as young as 14 to change their gender and name without any medical or psychological testing and without any previous hormone treatment or court procedures.

“This is all aiming to create a new human, and to do that, chaos must first be introduced. Right now, we are seeing this chaos. Facilitating gender change for teenagers is meant to strike against youth and children. This is meant to encourage them to make decisions that they may come to regret in the future and may turn out to be difficult to medically reverse or even be irreversible,” Deputy Minister of Education Tomasz Rzymkowski commented.

He believes that the new law is part of a broader process in several EU states, the European Commission and the European Parliament.

He stated that the European Parliament is among the “vanguard of the entire LGBT revolution and is passing resolutions that strike at certain objective truths in an attempt to create a parallel world. This is applied Marxism.”

Rzymkowski also pointed out that there are environments in Poland that are blindly copying such ideas. “This is a copy/paste philosophy. They are trying to forcefully and without reflection introduce solutions being accepted in Western Europe, no matter whether they are good or bad,” he said.


As an example of such an environment, the minister pointed to the Polish Left.

He emphasized that the subject of this cultural revolution being imposed should not be ignored.

“There should be no preventive censorship of this information. Society must know what the LGBT revolution is and what its intrusive promotion and relativism actually entails, as seen during LGBT month in Poland and the world,” Rzymkowski explained.

Although the Left currently rules in Spain, the controversial bill caused massive friction. Socialists from the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party and Podemos, as well as feminist organizations, questioned if their cultural revolution was not going too far. Nevertheless, such processes are being slowly but surely carried out in increasingly more EU states.

Tomasz Rzymkowski underlined that the current LGBT revolution is a wave and one that Poland must endure, as every wave has its beginning, climax and end.

He noted that in the 1930s, there was a wave of support for eugenics in Europe, which many countries succumbed to, but not Poland.

“The same will happen with the wave of LGBT ideology, which is currently in its climax. This wave will pass. Yet the losses for Western European society as a result of these solutions that are so detached from reality  will last for generations,” he said.

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