Stopping mass immigration requires action instead of words, French author Laurent Obertone says

The political elite of Europe lives in a parallel world divorced from reality, famed French author Laurent Obertone tells the Hungarian press

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Dénes Albert

France needs action, not words, to stop mass immigration, famed French author and journalist Laurent Obertone said in an interview with Hungarian conservative daily Magyar Hírlap. In the same interview, he also warned that Central and Eastern European countries opposed to mass immigration must not give in to pressure on the issue.

“Unfortunately, we’ve been living with dystopia for years,” Obertone said. “On the one hand we have the good intentions of our leader [Emmanuel Macron] and the media, and on the other hand, the reality: terrorist attacks, increasing crime, unprecedented insecurity, and a lack of any sense of actual security.”

Obertone said that a few days before teacher Samuel Paty was beheaded in an Islamic terrorist attack, French leaders were still debating whether the use of the word “ensauvagement” (turning wild), often used to describe migrant crime, was too rude and racist, while in his books Obertone says he was pointing out that exactly the phenomenon that the country’s leaders refused to accept reality even though 250 people have been killed in Islamic terrorist attacks since 2015.

“It is time for our leaders to come down from their parallel world and deal with the facts. Instead of communication and the distribution of public funds, concrete steps must be taken against the mass immigration that our country has suffered for decades and is opposed to by much of society,” Obertone said.

Obertone is the author of the best-selling book “Guerilla” which describes a dystopia in the near future involving a civil war in France. The book delves deeply into current divisions that already exist, including between France’s left-wing groups, its migrant population, and French nationalists. The book, also popular in Hungary and Germany, has not yet been translated to English.

In his 2013 book “La France Orange Mécanique” (Clockwork orange France), the author uses media reports and crime statistics to report on the worsening of violence and crime in French society in the years between 2000 and 2010, which he points out is greatly tied to rapid growth in France’s foreign population. The author argues that the French state, compared to the 1950s and 1960s, no longer fulfills its duty to provide security to its citizens.

Asked about his country’s immigration and integration policy, Obertone said that both have failed. Obertone’s criticisms come at a time when critics of France’s immigration policies have even claimed that France is actively participating in population replacement that will result in ethnic French people becoming a minority in their country.

“We always see that the public is becoming increasingly impatient on these issues, so our leaders cannot proceed as if everything is fine with the migration system. But they fall into their own trap, as they prefer to comply with the media and Brussels, taking only symbolic steps,” Obertone said.

“These policies are mostly just words. We are talking about ‘restraint’, ‘regulation’, ‘assimilation’, but all these words have lost their meaning. We cannot assimilate the millions of people who come from a culture completely different from ours. What’s more, community redeployment typically results in locals being assimilated to immigrants in districts where they are already in the majority.”

Obertone’s comments appear to refer to ethnic French becoming the minority in certain neighborhoods, which has resulted in deep cultural changes, such as women being afraid to wear certain clothing out of fear, a phenomenon that has even ended in violence against women in many cases who disregard the norms in Middle Eastern cultures.

Asked what advice he would give to Central European countries opposed to mass immigration, he said they should stay the course no matter what.

“Consistently stick to the path they take, whatever it takes. Don’t give in to the blackmail of global progressivism, even as the pressure grows day by day. People are the soul of the nation. They must refrain from the insane ideologies that see them as enemies and bring nothing but chaos and division,” Obertone told Magyar Hírlap.


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