Thanks to the V4, we were able to reject migrant quotas

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We have lost three years through pointless debate, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš said in an interview before heading to Italy.

Babiš also pointed out a need for intensive cooperation on migration. He praised the V4 partnership, because thanks to co-operation, the Czech republic have made a major step forward in preventing itself from accepting quotas.

The PMs´way is the result of his public argument with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte about the reception of migrants. Babiš has long refused to accept even a single migrant saying it´s a key gesture, symbol and message to migrants and smugglers that it makes no sense to sail to Europe.

The EU must have a clear concept and plan, but Babiš doesn´t see it even though the problem is huge.

“We have solved only our problem and the problem of the V4 countries, but not the overall problem of European illegal migration,“ Babiš said. There needs to be a discussion about the budget and the rational use of €35 billion planned for border protection.

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