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Gender quotas: EU parliament votes to make women 50% of all candidates in European elections

The European Parliament has approved a proposal to reform the European elections,…

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‘We are destroying the excellence of our institutions’ – Heather Mac Donald warns about cultural revolution in Western universities

Renowned American writer, publicist, and Manhattan Institute fellow Heather Mac Donald spoke…

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The West must accept Afghan refugee quotas, demands Germany’s Green candidate for chancellor after Taliban victory

The pro-migrant German Green Party, which has long advocated for more refugees…

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Czech PM: We have to deal with migration outside the EU

The key to the strength of the Polish Deal is that it…

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Germany: 35% of all government positions in Berlin should go to migrants and those with ‘foreign roots’

A group of Central and Southern European countries came together to block…

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Forced gender equality in politics? German courts say it’s unconstitutional

In 2019, 37.5 percent of violent crimes suspects were foreigners despite making…

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Czechia is ready to dump its koruna currency and embrace the euro, says PM Babiš

"The persecution the Jews suffered in the past is now being experienced…

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EU set to pursue migrant quotas again, but Czech Republic still considers them unacceptable

Slovakia asks for looser conditions when using the EU funds

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This is the EU’s bizarre new phrase for migration quotas

North Macedonia, Albania membership will stabilize Europe

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Thanks to the V4, we were able to reject migrant quotas

Thousands rioted in Chemnitz, Eastern Germany in response to Middle Eastern assailants…

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