Two illegal migrants arrested on Czech motorway, one infected with COVID-19

The two men came from Libya and Algeria, and wanted to reach Germany, which has recently experienced a jump in coronavirus cases

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author: John Cody

Customs officers reported that they found two undocumented men from Libya and Algeria by the D1 motorway at the end of September. One of the detainees later tested positive for COVID-19.

On Sept. 25, around 10:15 p.m., a customs officers’ patrol came to check ta selected vehicle at a gas station on the D1 motorway in the direction of Prague, according to

“During the inspection of the vehicle, the patrol was approached by the service station operator who told them that two people behaving suspiciously were moving in the immediate vicinity. Immediately after inspecting the vehicle, the patrol began looking for these individuals, finding them shortly after near the gas station,” said Yvona Matějková from the Customs Office for the Central Bohemian Region.

A 30-year-old man told a customs officer that he came from Libya while a 22-year-old man was to come from Algeria. Both of them were undocumented migrants.

After an interrogation, authorities believe they traveled together from Turkey, from where they came via Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Hungary, and Slovakia. They mostly traveled by bus and their final destination was Germany, which is currently seeing a rise in coronavirus cases.

“The case was taken over by the Foreign Police, who informed the Central Bohemian customs officers the next day that one of the detained migrants had a positive test for COVID-19,” Matějková said, noting that patrolling customs officers had sufficient preventive protection, so it was not necessary to send them into quarantine.

Title image: The journey of migrants who wanted to go to Germany ended at Střechov nad Sázavou. (Customs office for the Central Bohemian Region)


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