Two illegal migrants detained near Czech town after hiding under truck

The migrants were hiding under the chassis of a truck bound for France

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: miv, Právo

Two migrants who illegally entered the Czech Republic hidden under the chassis of a truck have been detained by police near the South Moravia border in the southeast of the country.

They were spotted by a police patrol in a parking lot near the motorway as they were approaching a food stand.

“On Wednesday evening, a patrol of two foreign police officers were on their way to the Lanžhot border crossing. In the parking lot between the trucks, they noticed two suspicious men heading to a food stand. They then determined that the two men did not have any documents,” said police spokesman Pavel Šváb.

According to sources, the migrants, who were headed to France, hid under the truck’s chassis in Romania.

“After three days of strenuous journey, which yielded an obvious deterioration in their appearance, they could not stand the conditions and left their hiding place. By comparing fingerprints on the database, we were able to find out that they had applied for international protection in Romania,” the spokesman said.

The migrants were then detained by the police. After the standard procedure, they were taken to a detention facility for foreigners. They will most likely be returned to Romania, but the police did not specify the nationality of the men.


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