‘We all have to be anti-racists’ – Germany just created the new position of anti-racism commissioner

By John Cody
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For the first time in history, Germany has an anti-racism federal commissioner, with the federal cabinet entrusting the Minister of State for Integration Reem Alabali-Radovan with the post.

As commissioner for anti-racism, Alabali-Radovan said she wants to work on strengthening the state and creating an active civil society that would oppose the roots of racism. She added that racism is a “crime against humanity.”

“Racism is a danger for our country because it attacks our unity in diversity and our democracy. That’s why fighting racism is everyone’s business. We all have to be anti-racists!” demanded the SPD politician.

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Alabali-Radovan announced that she would set up a nationwide advice center against racism. In addition, a national action plan against racism will be presented, Junge Freiheit reported.

“I also support new projects for better prevention, education, and research so that we can strengthen civil society throughout Germany in the fight against racism. We must also advance diversity in all areas of society and break up structures so that we remove the breeding ground for everyday racism and structural racism,” Alabali-Radovan noted.

She also is pushing for a “diversity strategy,” which would be implemented in the country’s federal administration, and attempt to make the “diversity of society” match ministries and other authorities.

There has already been such a push in cities like Berlin, with the Left Party and the Green Party pushing to have 35 percent of all government positions going to migrants and those with “foreign roots.”

The announcement on the creation of anti-racism commissioner comes shortly after far-left German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser announced that there would be a push to teach kindergarten children about the dangers of “far-right extremism,” but It is still unclear what would be defined as “far-right extremism.”

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