YouTube removes video criticizing LGBT ideology

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The popular online video sharing platform YouTube has removed a film created by Polonia Christiana.

The creators said the video demonstrated the strategy behind the LGBT lobby and was based on facts and direct quotes made by LGBT activists.

Paweł Ozdoba, the head of the Center for Life and Family, warned that there will be increasingly more acts of censorship concerning LGBT, due to the “radicalism and determination of LGBT ideologists who want to dominate the minds of young people throughout the whole world.”

He explained that this censorship was merely a next step in a revolution whose goal is to completely negate values such as family, marriage, motherhood and faith.

Ozdoba stressed that LGBT ideologists do not care for toleration or love, and they only use those terms to force through a revolution which resembles the Marxist revolution.

He underlined that the censorship of videos criticizing LGBT postulates has become commonplace in the West. He gave the examples of Canada, France and the USA where a person can get into trouble for criticizing LGBT ideology.

The head of the Center for Life and Family warned that every act of censorship should be reacted to, because if Poles do not take action, then a similar situation to the one in the West will occur in Poland.

Paweł Ozdoba also pointed out that the explanations of companies such as YouTube as to why a video was banned are doubtful. This is because when they censor materials that are not pro-LGBT, they give the excuse of “hate speech”.

“The issue is that according to the standards of political correctness, only LGBT supporters and ideologists have the ability to evaluate whether something is “hate speech.”

“Objectivity is not a factor in these situations, and that is very dangerous,” Ozdoba said.

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