Zybertowicz: Shocking that so many Poles voted for a candidate who did not have a single Polish flag during election night

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Andrzej Zybertowicz said it was “shocking, that 50 percent of my countrymen voted for a candidate whose staff did not consider it proper to display a Polish flag at his election night.”

The advisor admitted that he may have naively thought that the elections were a conflict over two visions for Poland in Europe.

Instead, he believes, that Rafał Trzaskowski’s political background was fighting not for a vision of Poland in Europe, but for a vision of removing Polishness from Poles.

Zybertowicz stated that during election night, Trzaskowski took the sheep’s skin off his face and showed that he was indifferent towards Poland.

He stressed that the opposition candidate conveyed the message that he was fighting for a different reality, in which Poland and its 1,000-year-old heritage are forgotten.

The advisor believed that Andrzej Duda’s second term will be more independent of the government, as presidents are usually not only more independent of their political backgrounds, but also their voters.

“Tough politics are usually about the ability to oppose your own supporters,” he said.

Zybertowicz pointed out that Andrzej Duda has shown that he can be an independent leader as he vetoed nine bills during his first term, three of which were crucial for Law and Justice (PiS).

He added that just as there were many surprising challenges in the first term for Duda, so will there be new ones in the second one.

Title image: Rafał Trzaskowski’s election night meeting in Warsaw – one cannot spot the single Polish flag, AP images.

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