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Iraqi migrant injures 5 in stabbing spree on German train, said to be ‘mentally ill’ despite being on Islamic terrorist watchlist

A German public prosecutor’s office refuses to blame any political or religious background in the case of the Iraqi accused of injuring five people with a knife on a regional train near Aachen on Friday. The 31-year-old is registered as a “test case of Islamism,” however, the authorities believe that he acted due to a […]
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Christianity David Engels V4 Crime Hungary News Poland Remix Exclusive
2 WEEKS AGOChristianity David Engels V4 Crime Hungary News Poland Remix Exclusive

As Wokeism grows, Christians will respond and become ever more politically conservative

In an exclusive interview, esteemed academic Dr. David Engels speaks to Remix News about the current state of play across the European political landscape, offering his thoughts on the long-lasting effect of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the political consequences this may have for Europe, and the continuing role of Christianity across the continent

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Leaders, Scholz, Sanchez, Costa, summit Emmanuel Macron French elections Marine Le Pen Olaf Scholz Pedro Sanchez News
4 WEEKS AGOEmmanuel Macron French elections Marine Le Pen Olaf Scholz Pedro Sanchez News

Election interference? Leaders of Germany, Spain and Portugal pen letter urging French to reject ‘far-right’ Le Pen and reelect ‘democratic’ Macron

The European leaders claimed Sunday’s election is between a “democratic candidate” and a “far-right candidate who openly sides with those who attack our freedom and our democracy.”

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European Court of Justice Rule of law Hungary News Poland
4M AGOEuropean Court of Justice Rule of law Hungary News Poland

German left-liberal newspaper: EU is ‘bursting with arrogance’ in its dealings with Hungary and Poland

Germany’s conformist left-liberal media landscape is generally supportive of any punitive action taken against Hungary and Poland, but a number of Der Freitag’s articles have harshly criticized the EU’s approach to both countries

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