Babiš to nominate Jourová for European Commissioner post

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Jourová will also have a chance to become the Vice-President of the European Commission. She admitted that she discussed her possible second term with Babiš and said that the nomination is to be made by the Government, not just by the PM. However, the opinion of the PM is crucial and is basically out of the question for any of Babiš’s ministers to oppose his nomination.

Babiš himself refused to comment. Allegedly, he considered MEP Dita Charanzová for the position. Charanzová was actively involved in the abolition of roaming charges. She has always been loyal to Babiš and unlike Jourová never openly criticized him in connection with his scandals.

However, Jourová is a more strategic choice for Babiš. Commissioners who stay on for a second term have to change portfolios. Thus, the Czech Republic has a chance to gain one of the ‘more powerful’ resorts than Jourová’s current Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality post.

As she expressed earlier, based on her work experience, she would prefer the Regional Policy post.

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