Disdain for Poland in Western liberal and socialist press knows no limits

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Whoever today thinks that mainstream journalism has maintained remnants of objectivity and integrity is living in the past.

The main media platforms at the service of the authoritarianism of the left are carefully making sure that no one will preach against the choir of currently existing theories. This is why we receive only a selected portion of “facts” when we open liberal media outlet Gazeta Wyborcza — the same facts, that is, which we can also read about in Western socialist bulletins such as El Pais and La Repubblica, all serving as press organs of the left.

So, it does not really matter what PM Morawiecki will say in Strasburg.

The point of reference for commenting on what he says will be whatever Gazeta Wyborcza decides to publish since it allegedly knows best about how to evaluate the prime minister. Of course, the prime minister of the “PiS government” can only be evaluated poorly. This is why increasingly more disdainful articles about Poland, its government, and Poles are being published in the West, since the opposition has taught Europe to speak about itself only with a total lack of faith.

Guillermo Abrila wrote an article for El Pais in which he mocked the Polish prime minister by calling him “low-fat Kaczyński.” It appears that the content of the prime minister’s speech in Strasburg did not change the author’s view at all.

“At his own request and behind closed doors, the prime minister explained his views in the context of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal’s ruling, which has put Poland on the precipice of legally breaking away from the EU and has intensified the crisis at the cost of rule of law,” he wrote.

These are blatant lies, just like the time when the Polish Tribunal confirmed the obvious, determining that the Polish government’s actions in the spirit of the primacy of the constitution. In contrast, the Spanish Constitutional Tribunal ruled for the second time that the decrees of the Spanish socialist-communist government during the pandemic were unconstitutional. The Spanish tribunal basically confirmed the lack of rule of law in Spain due to the Spanish government’s own decisions.

But why does this issue rule-of-law issue in Spain not worry the EU’s highest officials? And why is the international press dead silent? No matter what Poland does, it has already been relegated to being a whipping boy on the EU forum.

The Spaniards, who don’t really possess any positive sentiments towards Poland, are laughing at the fact that the EU’s attention is focused on Poland, while the two verdicts of the Spanish Tribunal have not sparked outrage at the fall of democratic values in Spain.

The aforementioned El Pais article titled “The Thousand Faces of PM Morawiecki” is at all costs trying to create an image of Morawiecki as a confrontational chameleon whose “populist rhetoric” threatens the future of Europe. There is a constant attempt to nitpick the prime minister’s actions, including intentionally vague citations of his words which are taken out of context. Yet, this issue is most likely a rule in anti-Polish international media rather than a mistake made by the author of the article, Guillermo Abrila.

It is also worth citing a few fragments of the El Pais Sunday’s Op-Ed article which as usual, attacks Poland by underlining that “Poland and Hungary have threatened the European convention for years.”

“The severity of sanctions and swiftness of punishment (merely a month after the European Commission had demanded it) reveal the weight that European institutions attach to the rebellion of a government, which, under the pretext of anachronic and misunderstood sovereignty, may threaten the legal mosaic that has been shaped for years to give protection to the largest expanse of freedom in the world,” according to the article.

The best can be found at the end, however: “…the fine which Poland has just received should be understood as yet another signal that the EU wants to raise the bar of democratic quality.”

To summarize: the more the majority leftist tyranny pushes Poland and the EU towards anarchy, the more “democratic” everything will be for all of us. It seems that we are facing a repeat of “people’s republics” which, as they were described during communism, differed from actual republics in the same manner that a chair differs from an electric chair.

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