Environmentalist’s dilemma: how to attack Australia’s Aborigines?

Aborigines understand Australia better than the environmentalists

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Ryszard Kapuścinski

Despite ecologists claiming climate change is responsible for Australia’s ongoing bushfire crisis, bushfires have always been a natural part of Australia’s climate and controlled ones were even historically used by Aborigines to protect their lands.

Bushfires have been ravaging Australia for the last month, and as usual, such crises are used by supporters of the theory that human actions are responsible for global warming, with many of the more radical ones contriving apocalyptic visions of our future world.

They ignore the fact that the fires are a constant and natural element of Australia’s climate.

This year, the fires took more than 6 million hectares of Australian bush, but to put that in context, it must be understood that during the summer of 1974 and 1975, the fires affected 117 million hectares.

Temperatures reaching 40 degrees should not surprise anyone either, as such heat is normal during the summer in Australia.

On top of that, data shows there has been no long-term decrease in rainfall in the region or increase in temperatures. This year it has been drier in the New South Wales, one of the worst-hit areas, but the region has experienced much drier periods in the past.

Many of Australia’s inhabitants are furious at environmentalists who, through their actions, are pressuring Australian authorities to limit controlled bushfires or burning dried litter in colder months.

Ecologists on the other hand are experiencing cognitive dissonance over Aborigines, Australia’s indigenous people, who have been setting bushfires for thousands of years to protect their lands from uncontrolled fire. Through this method, they also expanded pastures, fertilized soil and supported plant vegetation.

Now the Aborigines are publicly accusing the left and authorities for introducing prohibitions, saying, “The bush needs to burn.”

Due to the leftist leanings of environmentalists, they are facing a real dilemma: How can we attack an Aborigine?



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