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Australia could send dozens of retired F/A-18 jets to Ukraine with US consent

Australia is discussing with the United States and Ukraine the possible donation…

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Australia signs AUKUS deal to buy US-made nuclear-propulsion submarines

On Monday, Australian Secretary of Defense Peter Dutton, along with U.S. and…

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Shark attacks should be labeled ‘interactions’, according to Australian marine biologists

If you thought political correct speech and sensitivity training was only related…

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Australia has already solved its migrant crisis while Europe seeks inspiration

EU to start using the new rules for drawings from the funds

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Australia wants a portion of tech giants’ ad revenues

Poland's president isn't backing down from his country's veto of the EU's…

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Britain’s youngest terrorist to be released from prison

The decision will come into effect on Sunday

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UK must turn illegal migrants boats back or risk a major crisis, says former Australian PM Tony Abbott

The Czech government approved a list of safe countries, but the UK…

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Environmentalist’s dilemma: how to attack Australia’s Aborigines?

Spain is the only true adversary in group matches

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