Germany shows its true colors with continued support of Nord Stream 2

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The Russian-backed Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is a symbol of many diseases which currently afflict the European Union.

It shows that the interests of the strong are more important than the needs of the week. Nothing was able to stop Nord Stream 2’s construction — not protests from member states, negative opinions from energy security experts or even Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

The pipeline has proven that the EU’s most important country, Germany, may be as cynical and Machiavellian as it wants in its actions.

It is paying the price by threatening the EU’s stability and the security of Central Europe. The project also shows the EU’s powerlessness in face of Russia’s aggressive acts, which provides true political ammunition for Eurosceptics.

Paradoxically, this dangerous situation was created due to the actions of a country for which maintaining loyalty to the EU project is paramount.

Germany has been called on to abandon Nord Stream 2 many times. Such appeals reached a fever pitch when Berlin revealed that Russian opposition leader Alexiei Navalny was poisoned and which government was responsible. Calls to terminate the project came from everywhere in the world, including Poland.