Despite trends in Hollywood, fantasy and science fiction aren’t giving into political correctness

Polish writer Piotr Relich asks if it is still possible for art presenting evangelical truths to be created by a Hollywood which hates Christ and is a tool of mass manipulation and stupefaction

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Piotr Relich

Let’s not kid ourselves. The times when Hollywood represented a factory of dreams which promoted movies with strong, if not Catholic, then at least generally Christian messages are long gone. Today, no one in Hollywood will bet on movies such as “Prince of Egypt” or “Braveheart” where at least some themes were inspired by the Gospel.

Moral and artistic degeneration from the film industry which shapes the canon of the “most important of the arts”, with the addition of the invasion of political correctness, have led to the situation in which the latest movies are treated first and foremost as propaganda made with revolutionary fervor.

Yet, there are genres which are not giving into the criticism of political correctness so easily — namely fantasy and science fiction. If the world is made up, then its rules can also be broken off from our standards. It was to these genres that outstanding Polish writers retreated to with the intent to stick a pin or two into the communist system more than three decades ago.

Whole libraries have been filled with books on the subject of the counter-revolutionary advantages of the “Lord of the Rings” and “Chronicles of Narnia” adaptations. Meanwhile, sci-fi is living through its blockbuster renaissance and films about superheroes are thriving.


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