Opinion: Croatian patriots are eagerly awaiting Duda’s re-election

Croatia admires what PiS has undertaken in last five years

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Goran Adnrijanić

I am probably not overstating when I say that a large part of public opinion in Croatia is awaiting the results of the presidential elections in Poland. They want to see Andrzej Duda as president again.

This part of public opinion has been looking at the last five years in Poland with awe and maybe even hope.

Among them are most likely conservative and traditional Croatians, who according to all sociological research, are still the majority of Croatia.

This part of Croatian society looks at Law and Justice’s policies with admiration, due to openly representing traditional values and confronting them with the European establishment.

Some conservative media have gladly received the news that Duda signed the project to change the Polish constitution so that persons within a single-sex relationship cannot adopt children. The constitutional protection of family is important to Croatians as in 2013, we voted in favor of defining marriage as between a man and woman within our own constitution.

A very large part of Croatian opinion also understands the need for carrying out broad social programs, which PiS has introduced. Programs such as child benefits have given Croatians hope that the creation of a state which cares for its citizens is possible.


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