Opinion: Now the real show of Donald Trump begins

In the case of election defeat, a man with showman abilities such as Trump has a bright future ahead of him, writes wpolityce.pl culture columnist Łukasz Adamski

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Łukasz Adamski

It seems that nothing will save Donald Trump from an election loss. It’s not as huge as foreseen by the once again humiliated polls. Yet both in the popular vote and in terms of number of electors, Joe Biden is clearly in the lead.

It is hard to expect that a demand for a recount by Trump staff will change anything. In this case, even the magician Roger Stone and his lawyers from the battle for Florida in 2000 won’t help.

It’s obvious that during the pandemic, errors and even fraud may have occurred. The theory of a “stolen” election also nicely fits the absurd but dangerously popular US conspiracy theories concerning the existence of a “deep state” global government.

I do not believe, however, that the errors and frauds could be counted in the millions. Such an operation would be very hard to conduct, maybe even impossible.

I am also convinced by the argument that the increase in votes for Joe Biden comes from the fact that his voters are much more scared of COVID-19 and chose to vote via mail. There are tens of millions of such votes that are only now being counted.

I don’t think that Donald Trump will suffer when it turns out he has no legal basis to question the elections in a few states.

Trump, by announcing himself as the winner at such an early stage of counting votes and by already mentioning fraud (which surprised even the conservative Fox News commentators), began his own show.

A well-thought-out and planned show. This show is called Trump. Donald Trump.

After exhausting all possible legal means, when Joe Biden’s presidency will become fact, Trump will not become a defeated politician. He won’t be a “loser,” a label he has hated his whole life. He will become “cheated, betrayed and defeated” by foul play and not poor condition. Foul play will not be noted by the referee, in this case the media, because they are part of the conspiracy with the Democrats, Clintons and Deep State.


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