Liberal meltdown: US visa-free travel and Tusk ‘betrayal’ spells misery for establishment

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Dorota Kania

Long sad faces were seen on liberal TV stations and on mainstream journalists across social media. These last two days have been an absolute nightmare for them.

It’s no surprise why either. First, their hero who was supposed to ride to the rescue, Donald Tusk, said he would not be running in Poland’s presidential election next year. The current president of the European Commission said he had too much “baggage” in Poland for a successful campaign.

Just a day later, the US announced that Poland would be joining the visa-waiver program on Nov. 11, on the anniversary of Polish independence. It was not a happy day for the liberals, who clearly knew it was a huge victory for the conservative government.

On social media, their frustration was only too evident, with users accusing Tusk of betrayal. According to them, Tusk has abandoned Poland and deserted the liberal establishment on the field of battle.


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