Should we really be ashamed of being White?

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Coca-Cola has launched an in-house training on “Confronting Racism” where staff have been taught how “to be less White”. Course materials for the controversial course were leaked from LinkedIn, but Coca-Cola denied that attendance was mandatory for employees. The subtitle of the optional training course was “Understanding what it means to be, challenging what it means to be racist”.

Well then, let’s face up to it too! But what exactly? Perhaps most of all, who exactly is the White man who should be less and less White now? The issue is not simple, because it is the culture that represents the theoretical basis of the White man that carries such unexplored and untold contradictions that whoever sincerely, honestly, and with good intentions assumes his self-identity within this culture becomes trapped.

The “sensitizing” course mentioned above otherwise refers to the White person’s self-identity with the following indicators:

According to the course, the White man is oppressive, arrogant, ignorant, but at the same time superior and knowledgeable, so one should break with White solidarity as it is supposedly an evil and destructive identity. Perhaps it is worth asking for the first time the question — which is at once evident but seems embarrassingly unanswered — but who actually is speaking here?

So who is the mysterious “subject” who formulates these statements and instructions, and why (for what reason and for what purpose) does he do so? Perhaps we will get closer to answering this question if we try to condense the history of the last 1,500 years of the European Christian White man in a few sentences.

The first half of this period was a sacred culture whose spiritual essence was a dignified life that focused on salvation.

It is not, of course, that the man of this age would not have been just as mortal, but at least he was aware of it, he tried to understand all this and to do so in order to restore the ever-disintegrating order.

But the second half of the last millennium and a half (the “modern West”, which has defined itself by capitalism since the 19th century) is already a desacralized and dechristianized civilization, and we should look for the causes of today’s absurd situation in this still-unclear, contradictory “rebirth”.

The Renaissance was indeed a rebirth — a rebirth of the system of existence of the ancient tradition based on selfish hedonism, which, incidentally, represented only one strand of the ancient tradition. The rebirth of the logic of carpe diem, that is, live the present, can of course be intoxicatingly attractive to people of all ages. If only the joy of the present exists, then it becomes even clearer why this tradition eventually seeks to erase the past once and for all. But when that happens, he will also be incapable of recognizing that whoever seeks to erase the past once and for all with this suicidal act will utterly erase his own deepest identity, and consequently, his future.

What is happening now is exactly that, so the future has begun, that is, a future based on an utterly erased past. It is relatively easy to see that this is indeed a deadly trap and that the European Christian White man could only get out of this now-fatal trap if he gathered all his knowledge and courage to clarify once and for all why this could have happened to him. This change of way of life was allegedly facilitated “beneficially” by the same mysterious subject who is now calling on the White man to completely break with himself.

This mysterious subject first takes the White man into this fatally distorted trap of his character, and then grimaces to tell him that he should be ashamed of himself. After all, the accusations within the Coca-Cola training course are formally correct — the White man was truly oppressive, arrogant, ignorant, and at the same time overwhelmingly knowledgeable in making his desacralized civilization universal with brutal violence.

And as if that weren’t enough, the White man is now providing the worst possible answer to this, going into denial about everything, and lying, falsely, attributing to himself some sort of post-globalization mission. Instead of finally facing the deepest secret of this line of tragedy, the fact that it was merely a disposable device or even more a weapon in the hands of this “non-existent” subject. But apparently he no longer has the knowledge or the courage to face up to this confrontation, and with this he is defending this entity, that is, his own killer, now literally at the cost of his own life.

It is very hard to find words for this, and it is even harder to imagine how — if that’s even possible at all — you could exit out of this fatal historical trap. So the course seems to have achieved its ultimate goal. The White man is being induced — in a very cost-effective manner — to destroy himself.

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