Will Europeans choose nations states in the end?

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German media practices an enormous amount of self-censorship and policing of content to ensure viewpoints that do not breach the established boundaries of political correctness are not widely propagated.

There are now some that see this model of political correctness, which has served as the foundation of democratic political culture in Germany, has been taken to far and backfired.

The result?  Mainstream parties in Germany are hemorrhaging support, resulting in a dissolution of what has served as Germany’s political system for decades.

In a sign that some journalists and papers are beginning to challenge this policing model, one of Germany’s major papers, Die Welt, published a long interview with Matteo Salvini, the former Italian deputy prime minister, who is often seen in the European Union and Germany as the personification of populist evil due to his views and policy on the migration crisis and the eurozone.

His dismissal from power in 2019, a result of a coalition party political game in Rome, was viewed with relief in Brussels.