After migrant stabs multiple children on French playground in Annecy, one journalist posts epic thread on migrant crime in Europe

By John Cody
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Following the brutal stabbing of four children in Annecy, France, on a playground, German-Polish journalist Jan A. Karon has posted an epic thread detailing the widespread and pervasive crime and terror migrants have inflicted on European nations.

The story of the stabbing attacks in France was already the top story in Europe, but then a full video of the brutal attack showed in graphic detail how the rejected Syrian asylum seeker, Abdalmasih H., repeatedly stabbed a toddler inside his stroller while his mother screamed in terror. The video was then mass deleted across Twitter, including from Remix News’ Twitter account, sparking questions about censorship on the platform.

Even though the stabbing attack grabbed international headlines, it was only one of many violent stories involving migrants in just the last week in Europe. Covering all of these stories is nearly impossible, but one journalist, Jan A. Karon, created a large thread on the topic detailing some of the most heinous examples, which has garnered nearly 500,000 views — a significant number for “German Twitter.”

In his post, Karon presents a theoretical European, who upon learning about the stabbing attack in Annecy, begins to research other recent attacks across Europe.

“Last Thursday you heard about #Annecy on Twitter. You are shocked that a Syrian stabs small children, see a horrible video and decide to look around the internet in the following days with the question: What is going on with migration in Europe?” wrote Karon.

Then, he references a migrant attacking police with a kebab knife in Bremen, writing: “You find out that the day before, the SEK (special police unit) had to be deployed in Bremen because a Syrian stormed into the city center with a 45-centimeter-long kebab knife and threatened the police.”

He then references a story that received little to no international coverage, but deals with a commonplace issue of vehicle-related manslaughter involving migrant drivers.

“On the same day, you read about an incident in Sweden in which an Iraqi gangster killed an 11-year-old cyclist while under the influence of drugs. Because he received citizenship after his arrival, he could not be deported,” writes Karon.

In the next post, he points to an axe attack caught on video, writing: “On Friday, you become aware of a video of an incident in Forlì, Italy, in which people of Arab descent attack each other with axes in the middle of the city center.”

In the next case, Twitter users learn of an Eritrean who dismembered another Eritrean and dumped him in the garbage in the forest in the southwest of Germany.

Karon then relates another disturbing, but now commonplace crime in his next post.

“Not far from there, namely in the runner-up city of Dortmund, four black youths are said to have sexually molested two girls, 11 and 14 years old, on a train and forced them to strip themselves in front of them,” he wrote.

Gang rapes in Germany have now hit a record high in 2022, with more than half the suspects of foreign origin.

In Karon’s next post, he points to a migrant who was incredulous that he was getting in trouble for trying to rape a policewoman.

Karon writes: “You learn about a man from Mali, France, who tried to rape a 32-year-old city police officer. ‘Yes, I attempted rape. But why the big deal for a woman? I didn’t kill anyone,’ he said during interrogation.”

The stories of rape across Europe then turn to Greece, where Karon posts: “You find out about a case in Greece where a 22-year-old Greek saved a 17-year-old girl from being raped by four Egyptian refugees.”

Karon then posts about a case from the German city of Frankfurt where a 32-year-old woman was stabbed to death by her 39-year-old partner in a refugee accommodation. Children are believed to have witnessed the bloody attack.

Karon keeps going, writing, “You learn about a 39-year-old from Innsbruck who is in an induced coma after a 13-year-old Afghan attacked him.”

He then points out another knife crime from the same week as the Annecy knife attack, writing, “You read that a special task force had to be deployed in Sézanne, France, because there was a dispute between a Somali and two Syrians, in which the first attacked the second with a knife.” He also references a knife attack in Frankfurt’s Bahnhofsviertel, in which four Afghans attack a 17-year-old.

In fact, as Remix News has previously reported, knife crime has soared in Germany, with up to 50 attacks per day now being recorded.

In the next tweet, he references the hijacking of a Turkish ship by migrant stowaways.

“You read about an incident in the Mediterranean where Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans tried to hijack the Turkish ship Galata Seaways near Naples, displeased that it was going to a port in France rather than Italy,” the German-Polish journalist writes.

As Remix News reported, there was a mass shooting in Sweden over the weekend, which comes during a time when gun crime is soaring to record levels in the Nordic country.

“On Saturday, you learned of a shootout involving AK47s in southern Stockholm that killed a 15-year-old and injured three people. You read that Sweden has become the epicenter of gang violence between different migrant groups,” writes Karon. In the next tweet, he writes, “In another Swedish town, Solna, you learn about a shootout at a children’s playground in which two people were shot.”

He then references a 19-year-old Somali migrant who escaped from a correctional home after being imprisoned for murder.

“Speaking of Sweden: You read about the case of a 19-year-old Somali who escaped from a correctional home that he was actually in because he had murdered someone,” wrote Karon.

Karon then comes back to Germany, writing: “You learn about a Syrian who was picked up on a playground in Berlin with 100,000 euros in cash – a sum that you have never had in your account, let alone in cash.”

Karon then references a Remix News story concerning pushback against mass immigration in Ireland, writing, “You learn that in Ireland the number of refugees has increased by 960 percent year-over-year and there could be a referendum on migration”

Karon then puts forth a scenario in which the theoretical user, after conducting all the research involving crimes from the last week, struggles to make sense of it.

“Pretty wild weekend in Europe, huh?” you think to yourself. While you’re not xenophobic, and you’ve always considered yourself open-minded, you realize: “A hell of a lot of the perpetrators are from Africa or the Middle East and haven’t been here long.”

You continue to think: “Certain criminal phenomena – such as knife fights, machete attacks, gang disputes, gang rapes, raw sexual violence in general – I actually only knew from series and they were extremely rare in my childhood.”

In the meantime, not only the ears are hot, but also the forehead is sweaty. You find out: “The crimes of brutality do not take place equally in all countries.” In Poland or Slovakia, the weekend seems to have remained calm – despite persistent Googling.

You are looking for politicians who will give you answers to your burning questions. You read from Jacopo Morrone (Lega): “We must be aware that certain lifestyles and cultures are in conflict with ours, that foreign crime is increasing.”

You’ll find Éric Zemmour saying there are now 120 to 140 knife attacks a day in France, compared to 3 to 4 in the ’60s. You’re not sure if that’s true, after all, you’ve read about Zemmour that he’s a right-wing extremist and a populist.

But you get that queasy feeling in your stomach: “What if he’s only partially right?” Then Germany would have been pretty much screwed since 2015. And the cases from Germany and Austria suggest that there might be something to the phenomenon.”

Karon details how governments are reacting to the surge in crime by disarming citizens and ensuring open borders policies:

“So you log into German Twitter, and you’ll find what you’re looking for. You learn about a control campaign in NRW in which 46 knives were seized throughout NRW in one night.”

“You are looking for the German equivalents of Morrone and Zemmour and find an SPD interior minister who rejects border controls but wants knives to be banned on trains.”

While Karon could be accused of cherry-picking such attacks, the data definitively shows that violent crime and sexual assaults are predominately committed by foreigners and those of a migration background in countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Sweden and Austria.

In many instances, the attacks are not captured on video, but the results are equally harrowing as the attack in Annecy, such as the stabbing spree in the Berlin neighborhood of Neukölln. In that, which saw a man with a migration background hop over a fence and randomly stab two young girls inside Berlin’s Protestant School as 30 children watched on in horror just last month.

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