72% of French believe migrants pose security risk and the government gives them too much aid

(AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)
By John Cody
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A new poll shows 72 percent of French believe that the government offers too much aid to migrants, and the same percentage think they pose security problems.

According to the research by French consumer and public opinion firm Toluna, 61 percent believe that immigrants are a cultural threat and 56 percent that they are a threat to the social fabric, French news portal Fdesouche reports.

The research also shows that 14 percent of French citizens approve of the unconditional acceptance of migrants, while 24 percent, mostly voters of the National Rally and the Republicans, reject any form of migrant intake.

The polling fits with a broad, decades-long trend of the French public rejecting mass immigration. Another poll this year found that 64 percent of French are against non-European immigration.

However, this trend may eventually reverse over the coming decades as the native French population is continuously displaced, in which case the “new French” may tip the polls in favor of more immigration, as they have a strong incentive to bring family members and fellow countrymen and women into France. Already, what academics, politicians and journalists have labeled the “Great Replacement” is happening in France’s major cities, but it is also now in the countryside, where native Europeans are being replaced by non-Europeans at a rapid pace.

In fact, the trend of the Great Replacement is so well recognized in France that a majority of French people, 61 percent, said in 2021 that they believe in the Great Replacement theory.

“This is in fact a fragmentation and yes, this risk does exist and in any case, I think the demographic change of Europe is extremely spectacular. The historical peoples in certain municipalities and regions are becoming a minority,” said influential French philosopher Alain Finkielkraut while discussing the Great Replacement on the Europe 1 channel in 2022. “A whole part of French people now live not in the suburbs, but beyond the suburbs, because they are no longer the cultural reference they used to be, because all the butchers are, for example, Halal.”

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