‘Easy prey’ – Guinean migrant pushes elderly woman to her death on train tracks in Paris

The migrant, who was accused of a similar crime 12 years ago, said he wanted to target the elderly and children because they were “easy prey”

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: John Cody

A Guinean migrant arrested by anti-crime officers for allegedly pushing an elderly woman to her death on train tracks in Paris on Friday was also accused of a similar crime 12 years ago.

The 40-year-old suspect, Mamadou B., is accused of pushing a 52-year-old Algerian woman onto the train tracks at the RER B Cité Universitaire station in the 14th arrondissement of the capital, with the woman dying shortly after being struck by a train.

The man then fled the scene and was arrested by anti-crime officers for shoplifting inside an Auchan supermarket; he admitted to police that he had pushed an “elderly lady” under a train. Police confirmed from surveillance video that he was the individual who pushed the woman onto the tracks.

Police report that the man was making “incoherent” statements during his arrest, saying attacked the woman “in the name of God.” He also said he wanted to kill children and the elderly because they were “easy prey,” said a police source. Police discovered the suspect had a bag of knives in his possession.

The man has now been transferred to a psychiatric unit.

Mamadou B. was already known for an attempted murder 12 years ago.

A source within the judiciary told Le Parisien that the individual is a repeat offender. On October 2, 2011, Mamadou B., then aged 30, was taken into police custody after violently throwing a young man onto the tracks at Strasbourg-Saint-Denis station. The man was only saved after he rolled into the pit along the tracks and the train had time to apply its brakes.

The judge in the case dismissed the charges.

As Remix News has previously reported, up to two-thirds of all crimes in France are committed by migrants or French citizens with a migration background.

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