Border patrols stopped over 1,000 illegal crossing attempts over Easter weekend

Hungary remains under threat from illegal immigration

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Origo
Patrols on the Hungarian-Serbian border. MTI/Sándor Ujvári

While Hungary is doing its best to assist the refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine, its southern borders remain under constant siege from migrants hailing from the Middle East and northern Africa.

Hungarian authorities took action against 1,028 border violators from Friday to Sunday, the National Police Headquarters informed MTI on Monday.

According to statistics available on the police website, 309 foreign nationals illegally staying in the country were arrested and escorted across the temporary security border by soldiers and police on Friday — 359 and 353 followed on Saturday and Sunday respectively. In addition, seven border trespassers were apprehended at the Croatian, Romanian, and Ukrainian borders.

Last week, 2,263 border violators were arrested and escorted across the country, the highest number in a week so far this year. In the previous week, from April 4 to 10, the number of arrests was 2,041.

In addition, 14 border violators were apprehended at the Croatian, Romanian, Ukrainian borders and inside the country last week and were prosecuted. A further 33 suspects have been prosecuted for people smuggling, according to a police summary.

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