EU launches infringement procedure against Hungary over child protection law

Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga. (source: Facebook)
By Dénes Albert
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The European Commission has launched an infringement procedure against Hungary on account of its recent child protection law being incompatible with EU law, Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga announced on her Facebook page.

“While in 2015 we were attacked for defending our borders, now they have launched a war because we want to protect our children because we won’t let the LGBTQ lobby into our schools, because we stop the gender madness at the fences of our schools and kindergartens,” Varga wrote.

Varga pointed out in her post that the European Union has no right to interfere with children’s education in Hungary.

“How Hungarian children are raised remains the exclusive right of Hungarian parents. Brussels has no say in that. According to every EU treaty that Hungary has ever adopted, signed and ratified, raising children is a national competence,” Varga wrote.

She added that contrary to the mainstream liberal media’s allegations, the law was not against anyone, it was only designed to safeguard children from sexual propaganda.

“We insist on the need to curb the increasingly aggressive sexual propaganda targeting children. That’s a position, which was confirmed by the National Consultation too: 97% of the respondents agreed,” she wrote.

She also said that the best way to gauge sentiment on the law is the referendum parliament approved earlier this week.

“What is happening? The government has explained its position in detail, with legal arguments, but the Commission ignores it and immediately engages in ideological warfare,” she wrote.” That’s why we believe it’s best if people decide in a referendum. For the first time in Europe, Hungarians have the opportunity to voice their opinion in a referendum. In other countries, the left-liberal political elite decides without consulting the people.”

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