Hungarian justice minister displays impressive violin skills

Besides being one of Hungary’s busiest cabinet members, Justice Minister Judit Varga somehow also manages to find the time to hone her violin skills

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author: Judit Varga

Dubbed “the charm cannon of Orbán” by Dutch media, Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga is also an accomplished violin player, not shy about displaying her skills in public.

On Sunday, she posted on Facebook a short video of her playing the violin at the opening of an art exhibition in Fertőd, Western Hungary, near the Austrian border.

“It was a great honor to play together with the Kossuth Prize-winning pianist János Balázs on the occasion of the grand opening of the joint exhibition of (sculptor) Boldizsár Szmrecsányi and (painter) Mózes Incze,” Varga wrote in her Facebook entry.

Varga (40), a lawyer by training, is married with three children. In her university years, she was also the captain of the Miskolc University women’s basketball team. She has been playing the violin since childhood and was a member of the Concert Orchestra of Budapest’s ELTE University for four years.

Forbes Magazine named her third most influential woman in Poland in 2020.

You can enjoy an excerpt from Varga’s performance through the link below.

Title image: Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga plays the violin at the opening of an art exhibition in Fertőd, Western Hungary. (source: Facebook)

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