Hungarian parliament voted best tourist destination in the world

By Dénes Albert
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The Hungarian Parliament on the left bank of the Danube River in Budapest has been voted the world’s top tourist destination by travel blog Stasher.

Analysts from the tourism blog have ranked 99 tourist attractions to find out what is worth visiting and what is not. They gathered the most recent city and national data available, including Google ratings and TikTok popularity, and took into account the quality of accommodation and distance to the nearest international airport, as well as the public safety of the host country.

According to these factors, the blog says that the Hungarian Parliament was voted the best tourist attraction in the world, scoring 7.34 on a scale of 10. The parliament boasts an outstanding Google score of 4.8. The quality of accommodation in Budapest is also outstanding, with an average rating of 8.6 on

Hungary as a country also boasts a good safety rating of 1.4 out of 5, where the lower the rating, the safer the location is. Other attractions such as Disneyland in Paris and the Blue Lagoon in Iceland also made it to the top of the list.

Some popular locations found their way into the worst-ranked destinations, including tourist hotspots like the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles and Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida. Six of the 10 worst destinations are in Asia, including Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong.

European destinations clearly dominate the top 10.

Last November, another Budapest tourist attraction, the Advent Basilica Fair, was voted the best Christmas fair in Europe, with more votes than ever before, according to the European Best Destination website. The website is the most visited tourism website in Europe.

The Advent Fair around the Budapest Basilica.

Hungary’s prominence as a tourist destination has grown exponentially in the last decade. In 2020, it recorded 32 million tourists and was the second most popular destination in Eastern Europe.

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