Hungary is safe from energy shortages, says MEP Deutsch

Hungary has secured its gas supply for the next 16 years, Deutsch says

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author: MTI
Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch (Facebook)

Hungary is safe because it is not threatened by energy outages like Western and Southern Europe under any circumstances, said Fidesz’s European Parliament (EP) delegation leader Tamás Deutsch on Kossuth Radio on Sunday.

Deutsch emphasized that the situation in Western and Southern Europe is serious. As he put it, “it is a tangible reality that blackouts, i.e. power outages that citizens are forced to suffer for a longer period of time in the winter months.” He pointed out that in Germany disaster management has made an information film about how senior citizens living alone can protect themselves in the event of a power outage lasting several days.

In contrast, thanks to a long-term, 15-year gas supply agreement with Russia, Hungary’s energy reserves provide security for citizens, families and economic actors, Deutsch said, adding that “we Central Europeans have been accustomed for the last more than half a century to living worse than Western Europe, which had higher material standards and security.”

Now, however, he said the situation has completely reversed.

“We Hungarians are safe because, thanks to the policy and practices of overhead reduction, energy prices have not been freed up in contrast to Western and Southern Europe,” he said.

The Fidesz MEP underlined that the retail price of natural gas in Hungary is the cheapest in the European Union and the price of electricity is the second lowest.

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