Orbán on Bolsonaro talks: ‘Hungary and Brazil share common values’

Brazilian President Jait Bolsanaro and Hungarian Prime MInister Viktor Orbán in Budapest on February 17, 2022. (Magyar Hírlap/Róbert Hegedüs)
By Dénes Albert
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Hungary and Brazil share the same approach on the issue of migration, as well as many of the other global challenges, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated at a joint press conference in Budapest on Thursday following a meeting with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

Orbán thanked the Brazilian prime minister for his efforts to keep the peace in Europe, referring to Bolsonaro’s visit to Moscow to meet with Vladimir Putin prior to arriving in Hungary, and called for greater collaboration between the conservative nations of Europe and Brazil.

“It is in Hungary’s clear interest for our countries to work closely together,” Orbán told reporters. “With regard to the global challenges of the world, the approach between the two countries is the same, among other things in the issue of migration,” he claimed, adding that diplomatic life and everyday life are currently overshadowed by the prospect of a looming war.

“Any diplomatic effort to avoid war is vital. The European Union has strategic partners, including Brazil. Although Brazil is not a member of NATO, it is also a military cooperating partner,” Orbán said.

The Hungarian leader also referenced the attempt by left-wing governments to impose the Global Compact for Migration on the world, adding that it was prevented which ensured that there is no common position in the world that would allow, recommend or oblige states to view migration as a positive.

Orbán emphasized that the global migration pact had a “little brother” in the European Union and that they would be prevented from being set up at EU level, so the two leaders agreed to set up a joint early warning system in issues in which they share common views, in order to be able to make timely recommendations on the international scene.

It was also revealed that despite the geographic distance, bilateral trade between Hungary and Brazil is showing promising signs: for example, Hungarian pharmaceuticals company Richter is already present in Brazil.

The Hungarian prime minister also reported that Brazil is participating in the development of the Hungarian Armed Forces. Hungary has an order for two KC-390 Millennium military transport aircraft from Brazilian firm Embraer and the Orbán also said that this cooperation could be extended.

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