The European Union needs radical reform or it will fall apart, warns re-elected Hungary PM Orbán

The Hungarian prime minister praised his administration’s alternative approach and called for countries to “say no to the Brussels model of Europe”

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Magyar Hírlap
Viktor Orbán at the Fidesz party congress. (Magyar Hírlap/Péter Török)

Although Hungary would like to remain part of a union of sovereign nations, the European Union’s poor decisions could lead to its downfall, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said at his Fidesz party’s electoral congress on Saturday.

Orbán, re-elected as party president as the sole candidate, has now been at the helm of his party for over 20 years, since May 2003. In his speech, he expressed his intention for Hungary to continue to resist pressure against any ideological trends that are alien to the nation.

“At first glance, everyone can see that Hungary resists all pressures. It is also resisting the war mirages, the gender pressure, the green ideologies with increasingly Jacobin symptoms, and the Soros-schemers attacking from Brussels and Washington at the same time,” the Hungarian prime minister told attendees.

He added that he was convinced that the country “must say no to the Brussels model of Europe.”

“Our interest is to keep the Union together. The Union must not be left but changed, but this is only possible if there are radical changes in Brussels. Otherwise, the end will come. If it continues like this, the Union will not explode, it will simply fall apart,” Orbán warned.

He stressed that today, neither the member states nor the Commission are doing their duty and Brussels is unscrupulously breaking its own rules.

Meanwhile, the Hungarian model is working and the policies of Orbán’s conservative government have proven to be a viable alternative.

“Our strength, our hope, our self-esteem is fuelled by the fact that we Hungarians have a plan of our own. We have a counter-model that we have tried and it works,” he said, adding that more and more people are envious of this, even if they dare not say so. “The French and the Germans would give half their lives if they could be a migrant-free country again.”

The Hungarian leader also highlighted the success his administration has had in promoting family-friendly policies, attracting foreign investment, and overseeing a green transformation that is sustainable.

“This is something the West cannot boast of,” he added.

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