Ukraine conflict results in Hungary’s largest humanitarian action to date

Over 726,000 Ukrainians have sought initial refuge in Hungary to date

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Magyar Hírlap
Ukrainian refugees at the BOK refugee center in Budapest. (Magyar Hírlap/Tamás Purger)

The Russian invasion of Ukraine triggered the largest humanitarian operation in Hungary’s history, government spokesman Alexandra Szentkirályi said in a Facebook video on Thursday.

Bypassing the mainstream media and speaking directly to the electorate, Szentkirályi told viewers that the war in neighboring Ukraine had now lasted for 90 days, and the Hungarian government had made it clear from the first minute of the conflict that the security of Hungary and the Hungarian people was its top priority.

At the same time, she continued, the government will provide all necessary assistance to the refugees, including accommodation, medical care, and children’s education.

“We do not want to be dragged into this conflict, but we will give all help to those who are now being forced to flee,” Alexandra Szentkirályi affirmed. She added that more than 726,000 people had already fled the war through Hungary.

Not only the state administration bodies and the authorities, but also the local governments have been at the forefront in the care of the refugees from the very first moment, the government spokesperson said, revealing that the government had so far provided more than 771 million Hungarian forints in support to the local governments involved in the accommodation of refugees.

“The government is still on the side of peace,” Alexandra Szentkirályi reiterated.

The vast majority of Ukrainian refugees who entered Hungary traveled on to Western European countries, with less than 14,000 having applied for residence in Hungary so far.

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