Attacks on Israel will switch US attention away from Ukraine, Hungarian security expert claims

A woman holds an American flag and an Israeli flag during a "Vigil for Israel," at the Stephen Wise Temple in Los Angeles, Sunday, Oct. 8, 2023, to pray, sing and honor the memory of those killed in the recent attack in Israel, and to pray for peace and the safe return of people kidnapped. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel)
By Thomas Brooke
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The devastating surprise terror attacks inflicted by Hamas militants on Israel will see a change in U.S. priorities and result in Washington switching its focus away from Kyiv in favor of its greater ally in need, Hungarian security policy expert György Nógrádi has said.

Speaking to the Magyar Hírlap newspaper, the university associate professor claimed that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s administration had already realized the potential of Kyiv to lose further support from its Western allies following the escalating violence in the Middle East.

“Israel is the most important strategic partner of the United States in the region. This means that Ukraine will be devalued even more, and the Kyiv leadership has also noticed this,” Nógrádi said.

He explained that Mykhailo Podolyak, Zelensky’s presidential advisor, had already sought to blame the Russians for the reemergence of conflict in the Gaza Strip, a claim Nógrádi described as “bullshit.”

“Whatever happens, he always blames the Russians for everything,” he added.

“One day before the Palestinian attack, the Ukrainians again demanded the Taurus missiles from the Germans, which they did not receive this time either. Of course, now the whole world’s attention has turned to the Middle East in a single day, and this means that the diplomatic and military room to maneuver for the Russians will increase,” he noted.

When asked whether rumors that arms intended for Ukraine could have been redirected to Hamas terrorists, Nógrádi replied, “Anything is possible.”

“In the arms industry, anything and its opposite is possible. A lot of weapons have disappeared from Ukraine since the start of the war. They have appeared in the Middle East, Belgium, and Sub-Sahara Africa, so it is possible, and this means that some of the weapons sent to Ukraine are stolen in the same way as funds have been,” he added.

On the wider consequences of the Hamas attack on Israel, which has sparked a formidable retaliation from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the Hungarian security expert warned that Muslims who had immigrated to the West had celebrated the attacks, adding that their considerable presence in Western Europe will be problematic and lead to civil unrest and division on the continent.

“Palestinians and Arabs living in Western Europe have already taken to the streets, see London and Berlin.

“Only a fraction of the migrants who arrived in Europe are able to integrate. This is not only true for Arabs, it is true for black Africans, Asians, pretty much everyone. These people bring a mentality from home, who come from these areas and have visceral anti-Israelism, and will pursue the same policy in Europe,” he warned.

The Hungarian academic said that the European Union should have kept migration from these areas under control, but noted that after such an influx in recent years, “unfortunately, it cannot.”

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