Dystopia now? Switzerland legalizes suicide pods

Source: Twitter/Philip Nitschke
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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This monstrous new device being marketed in Switzerland is called Sarco and was designed by the most famous Australian supporter of euthanasia, Dr. Philip Nitschke, who is also known as “Dr. Death,” along with his partner, engineer Alexander Bannik.

Nitschke wanted to create a machine into which a person should be able to get in and press a button to initiate the start of a “dignified” death through assisted suicide. To use the pod, a person must first fill in an online survey, which confirms that they made the decision themselves. After completing the survey, a four-digit code is displayed and a user can input the code to open the pod in a previously agreed upon location.

Once the person is inside the pod, they activate a mechanism which fills the air with nitrogen and kills the user within 30 seconds. Nitschke had designed the device in the Netherlands and it was also used in Canada until recently.

Now, a special medical institution has legalized its usage in Switzerland, starting in 2022.

All of the aforementioned countries have legalized assisted suicide.

“Dr. Death” had already praised his invention prior to it being legalized in Switzerland. He pointed out that thanks to the device’s practicality, a person can choose where they want to die. Therefore, they could do it even amidst nature. The pod can also be later unplugged from the device which is responsible for spreading the nitrogen, so that the user can be buried within the pod itself.

What Switzerland and previously Canada have done is in reality facilitating suicide for people who are undergoing severe mental crises. The pod can even be printed using a 3D printer for $5,000.

Nitschke has been trying to get his device legalized in Australia for years. So far, he has been unsuccessful. Voices of reason which oppose him are arguing that the pod would further intensify the already serious suicide problem in the country.

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