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Switzerland ‘violated human rights’ by not tackling climate change quickly enough, rules ECHR in landmark case

National governments are infringing on citizens' human rights by not doing enough…

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Same-sex couples can now get married in Switzerland

A law allowing same-sex couples to marry came into force in Switzerland…


Switzerland: Illegal immigrant attacks massive church organ recently restored for €530,000 in Neuchâtel

Police say an illegal immigrant caused tens of thousands of euros worth…

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Ukrainian women threatened with murder, harassed in Swiss asylum center

Switzerland now hosts more than 12,000 Ukrainian refugees, but many of them…

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Switzerland: Citizens can officially change gender from age 16 with no special requirements

From Jan. 1, Swiss citizens will be able to have their gender…

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Dystopia now? Switzerland legalizes suicide pods

This monstrous new device being marketed in Switzerland is called Sarco and…

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Switzerland: Afghan man convicted of raping two children remains at large

A court in Switzerland has convicted an Afghan migrant of sexually abusing…

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Swiss voters approve same-sex marriage in referendum

In a Sunday referendum, the Swiss voted to legalize same-sex marriages, the…

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France and Switzerland also suspend deportation of Afghans

France and Switzerland have suspended the deportation of unsuccessful Afghan asylum seekers…

Lucie Ctverakova Lucie Ctverakova

Who should pay to protect the climate? The Swiss referendum might give us some answers

Every state has the right to regulate its schools and universities as…

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Hungary rejects global 15% tax rate, says it will favor US

The comparison between Floyd and dead Roma man is misleading

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France’s Rafale fighter jet rumored to be winner of Swiss procurement process

Energy infrastructure minister Piotr Naimski tells Polish Radio that the Baltic Pipe…

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Switzerland ends negotiations with EU over differences on immigration and wages

Joe Biden pushes to have the COVID-19 origin 'clarified'

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Swiss city getting ‘rid’ of its homeless people with one-way tickets out of the country

The victim was beaten with sticks and baseball bats

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Swiss expert warns COVID may trigger migration wave to Europe

Romanian authorities ordered removal of Szekler flag

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Switzerland referendum approves ban on burqas in public

Czech MP one of those detained

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Switzerland: Foreigners make up 58% of all adults convicted in 2019

The perpetrator drove into the crowd at high speed

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Switzerland: Muslim kills Portuguese man in front of kebab shop to ‘avenge the Prophet’

According to Jan Zahradil, the coronavirus epidemic serves the European Commission as…

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Teenage migrants terrorize Switzerland with street fights

The situation might soon start changing for the better.

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Poland’s secret effort to save Jews during the Holocaust revealed

A commentary on the 2021-2027 EU budget negotiations

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